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ATTENTION! Forced Distro has recently been purchased from Peter Lee by Deftly-D for The Voidstore. If you're looking for music that Peter stocked, we probably have it. The label, Force of Nature, continues to be run by Peter Lee.

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About started as a collaborative project between Voidstar Productions, Dysgenic Records, and Synthetic Creations (now closed - see Pneumatic Detach instead) to create a database driven set of applications to help promote electronic and experimental music culture and support independent artists labels and independently run businesses within and supporting that culture. Currently the largest and most visible applications of Noisebase is the web presence of The Voidstore and Voidstar Productions automated featured. Slowly the slew of ideas that the first brainstorming session covered are both evolving and coming to fruition.


  • Current
    • David Dodson (a.k.a. Deftly-D) - (Voidstar Productions,, Nau-Zee-auN, etc.) conception, management, design, development, etc.
  • Current Contributors
    • Brian Redmond - (Dysgenic Records, Vers,, etc.) conception, design, development, training and coaching, etc.
    • Chris Castiglione - (Voidstar Productions,, Ukuphambana, etc.) development.
    • David L. Doktor - (Massdirge, Deep Freeze Industries) design and development
  • Past Contribtors
    • Justin Brink - (Synthetic Creations, Pneumatic Detach) inactive founding conceptual artist.


David Dodson for all inquiries e-mail 'd e f t l y [d0t] d [at] g m a i l [d0t] c o m'